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Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems - Solar Water Pumping
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The autonomous Photovoltaic systems cover the energy needs in electricity and are usually recommended for remote country houses, caravans, monasteries, shelters and in hard-to-reach areas where electricity from the PPC network is unprofitable. Also, nowadays autonomy has a great application in water pumping.



What is solar water pumping?

A solar water pumping system is a system that draws water from a source and stores it in a tank when there is sunshine. In hard-to-reach areas where there is no PPC network, it is a reliable solution, economical and with zero maintenance costs as the system does NOT use batteries for its operation.






A huge variety of consumer products with a wide variety of uses can be exploited and leveraged by photovoltaic applications. In general, photovoltaics can be used wherever the autonomous production of electricity for small consumptions is deemed necessary. More specifically, the following applications can be mentioned:

  • Pocket computers
  • Portable electrical appliances (lamps, TVs, refrigerators, etc.)
  • Mobile homes - Mobile homes
  • Yacht
  • Canteens
  • Prefabricated Houses
  • Houses
  • Camping