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Zero feed in Photovoltaics 
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What is the Zero Feed in system?

The Zero Feed in photovoltaic system is a system designed to meet the consumer's electricity needs without injecting energy into the grid. Nevertheless, the consumer remains connected to the grid without sending electricity to it.

It is an ideal self-production solution to meet energy needs, both for businesses and for homes in areas where the grid is saturated.

The installation of the photovoltaic system is done in the business or at the consumer's home, while for the maximum exploitation of the produced energy, batteries are required to store the excess energy, so that if the energy produced by the photovoltaics is greater than the consumption, it is stored in the batteries instead to be rejected.

How does Zero Feed in work?

     1. Photovoltaics convert solar radiation into electricity and we exploit the generated electricity directly.
     2. Energy not consumed is stored in batteries and consumed when electricity is needed and there is no sunshine.
     3. And in case there is no energy from the photovoltaics and neither from the batteries, energy is taken from the grid